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Dad and Me Love History

Sep 14, 2018

Dad and Me are lucky enough to tour one of the world’s greatest cities with Friendly Local Guides. We meet the Terrible Tsar (or emperor) of Russia and we find out what happens in a fight against God. And, in the after-show extras, we go to a World Cup match and get stalked by a BBC film crew – who James patiently teaches to floss dance!


Questions for after you’ve listened:

  1. What was Dad & Me’s tour guide’s name (that Dad keeps saying wrong)?
  2. What type of dancing is the Bolshoi Theatre famous for?
  3. Why are there TWO heads on the Russian eagle badge/symbol?
  4. Which group banned churches in Russia (or the “Soviet Union”, as they called it)?
  5. Give one example of something terrible Ivan the Terrible did!
  6. Which French leader invaded Moscow?
  7. Of all the countries in the world, which country suffered the most people killed during World War Two?

Extra questions, from the after-show outtakes:

  1. Dad & Me watched the biggest football match in Russia’s history. Which country did Russia play against (and beat!)?
  2. Who does Ashley John-Baptiste work for?
  3. Why were a television film crew following Dad & Me around for the day?


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